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We've helped individuals and businesses manage their trademark & intellectual property in Malaysia, Singapore, and selected countries in Asia, Europe, and North America - including Australia, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Netherlands, United Kingdom, and United States.
Our trademark services include:
Trademark Search
Our highly qualified, knowledgeable intellectual property practitioners and dedicated partners around the world provide comprehensive search with information on the availability and registrability of mark to ensure that you do not infringe other people's rights.
Trademark Registration
Stop the unauthorized use of your trademark rights. Our experienced intellectual property practitioners with a proven track record will help you obtain your trademark rights as simple as 1-2-3.
Trademark Renewal
It is critical to safeguard your intellectual property on an ongoing basis. With our trademark renewal service, you will have a sense of confidence and security regarding the renewal and maintenance of your trademark rights.
Trademark Licensing
Trademark licensing brings the opportunities for brand owner to extend product categories. It also allows the company which licenses a brand gains immediate access to all the positive brand and image building that went before it.
Trademark Assignment
Ownership of trademark can be transferred from one party to another. We can help you quickly prepare and file a Trademark Assignment Recordation.
International Trademark
Using a proper international trademark system can simplify the registration and subsequent management of your mark at global level.

We are here to help

Have you received a Trademark Office Action notice?
We help review and respond to any Trademark Office Action notices.
Have you recently registered a trademark?
We can help monitoring your trademark rights, identifying potential trademark infrigements.
Have you received an oppsition notice? or would you like to file an opposition to someone's trademark registration?
We assist our clients to respond and answer to opposition notice as well as file an opposition.
Is someone violating your trademark rights? or claimed you are infringing on their rights?
Engage our network trademark agents and attorneys, the experts in the field to help defend your trademark rights.
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