International Trademark Registration Through Madrid Protocol

The Madrid protocol offers a trademark owner the possibility to have trademark protected in several countries (see below) designated by simply filing one application.

These International rights are sought through the applicants' home country trademark office using either the English or French language. A single filing fee is payable in the applicant’s home currency.

International applications may file through Trade Mark Office of the member country or file directly with the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) in Geneva.

WIPO conducts a formality examination and forward the application to all the countries designated for protection. Each of the national Trade Mark office has up to 18 months to refuse the application. The trade mark is deemed to be registered in the designated countries if there is no refusal or refusal has been overcome.

Filing Requirements

  • Applicant name and address.
  • For company, indicate State and Country of incorporation
  • Mark Specimens
  • List of goods or services.
  • Countries to be covered by application (countries of designation)
  • Priority Claim: Filing Date, specifics and which convention of priority

International trade mark (madrid protocol) application process:

Step 1. Application Filed
File in the applicant’s home country trademark office. Then, the application is forwarded to the International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) in Geneva, Switzerland. WIPO will verify filing requirements and enter the mark in the international register.
Step 2. Verify by designated countries
WIPO forward application to designated countries and allowed 18 months for refusal.
Step 3. Recorded and Publication
International Bureau will publish the mark in the International Gazette.
Step 4. International registration covering the designated countries
Mark is processed, examined under each designated country in accordance to the individual trade mak rules and regulation.
Members of the Madrid Union:
Albania (A & P)
Algeria (A)
Antigua and Barbuda (P)
Armenia (A & P)
Australia (P)
Austria (A & P)
Azerbaijan (A & P)
Bahrain (P)
Belarus (A & P)
Belgium (A & P)
Bhutan (A & P)
Bosnia and Herzegovina (A)
Botswana (P)
Bulgaria (A & P)
China (A & P)
Croatia (A & P)
Cuba (A & P)
Cyprus (A & P)
Czech Republic (A & P)
Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (A & P)
Denmark (P)
Egypt (A)
Estonia (P)
European Community (P)
Finland (P)
France (A & P)
Georgia (P)
Germany (A & P)
Greece (P)
Hungary (A & P)
Iceland (P)
Iran (Islamic Republic of) (A & P)
Ireland (P)
Italy (A & P)
Japan (P)
Kazakhstan (A)
Kenya (A & P)
Kyrgyzstan (A & P)
Latvia (A & P)
Lesotho (A & P)
Liberia (A)
Liechtenstein (A & P)
Lithuania (P)
Luxembourg (A & P)
Moldova (A & P)
Monaco (A & P)
Mongolia (A & P)
Montenegro (A & P)
Morocco (A & P)
Mozambique (A & P)
Namibia (A & P)
   Territory in Europe (A & P)
   Antilles (P)
Norway (P)
Poland (A & P)
Portugal (A & P)
Republic of Korea (P)
Romania (A & P)
Russian Federation (A & P)
San Marino (A)
Serbia (A & P)
Sierra Leone (A & P)
Singapore (P)
Slovakia (A & P)
Slovenia (A & P)
Spain (A & P)
Sudan (A)
Swaziland (A & P)
Sweden (P)
Switzerland (A & P)
Syrian Arab Republic (A & P)
Tajikistan (A)
The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (A & P)
Turkey (P)
Turkmenistan (P)
Ukraine (A & P)
United Kingdom (P)
United States of America (P)
Uzbekistan (A & P)
Viet Nam (A & P)
Zambia (P)

(A): indicates a party to the Agreement (57)
(P): indicates a party to the Protocol (72)
Total 80 member countries as of March, 2007

Source: WIPO, "Madrid System for the International Registration of Marks".
for latest member list, please see:
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