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Food stalls go for trademark protection
Sin Swee Kee near Raffles Hotel trademarked its name and logo two years ago, making it one of the growing number of hawker stalls to do so.

A trademark is a distinctive sign used by an individual or business to uniquely identify his goods or services, ensuring that others cannot take advantage of another business' good reputation.   read more ...
SingTel sued by Mitac over Mio brand
SINGTEL can continue using the name 'mio' for its pay-TV and broadband services following a High Court decision to dismiss a trademark infringement lawsuit filed by a Taiwan-based company.   read more ...
Fast-fashion concept fuels Forever 21's expansion
Los Angeles Times, CA
Forever 21 said it was working to settle what's left of a couple dozen copyright- and trademark-infringement lawsuits, and the company was embroiled earlier in the decade in a legal battle with employees of Forever 21 subcontractors who claimed they worked six days a week, sometimes 12 hours a day, for far less than the minimum wage. The matter was settled out of court and the company, which admitted no wrongdoing, agreed to take steps to ensure that its garments were not made in sweatshops.   read more ...
Malaysian firm registers ‘Ponni’ rice trademark
Malaysia has granted trademark rights of a popular non-basmati rice variety grown in South India to a local trading firm, reminiscent of the US issuing patent on basmati to RiceTec Inc. in 1997   read more ...
Johnson & Johnson Loses Major Trademark Lawsuit
25 May, 2008, Slashdot
Johnson & Johnson, the health-products giant that uses a red cross as its trademark, is suing the American Red Cross, demanding the charity halt its use of   read more ...
Original Choice gets fair marks for trademark
The Times Of India
BANGALORE / MUMBAI: The Trademarks Registry has cleared an application moved by Original Choice Whisky, dealing a blow to liquor baron Kishore Chhabria’s efforts to stall one of the fastest growing spirits brands on its tracks   read more ...
Domain-Name Disputes at an All-Time High
Any securitization lawyers out there looking for work? We’ve got a suggestion. Litigate domain-name disputes! We love domain-name disputes. You know, like when Nutrisystem files a complaint against some cybersquatter who registered Or the when F. Hoffmann-La Roche, the maker of Valium, files a grievance against someone who registered Or when The Donald goes after some dude who registered   read more ...
Idees employees strike to protest seizure of trademark
The China Post
Around 350 employees of Idees Department Store stage a sit-in in front of its Taipei store on Nanking W. Road, protesting against Mega Holdings’ provisional seizure of Idees’ trademark rights   read more ...
Gucci says these notebooks definitely lacking style
The Italian-based Guccio Gucci S.P.A, one of the world's leading producers of luxury goods, is seeking 500,000-yuan (US$68,776) compensation from a local stationery maker, accusing the maker of using the Gucci trademark in its notebooks, Shanghai Daily reported   read more ...
English dentists beat French fashion company in logo fight
LONDON - TWO English dentists have fought off an attempt by Lacoste to stop them from using a crocodile similar to the French fashion company's logo, Britain's trademark watchdog said on Thursday. The UK Intellectual Property Office confirmed that it had rejected an appeal by Lacoste SA against an earlier decision, saying the dentists' crocodile would not confuse consumers. The ruling was issued last month   read more ...
Chinese court dismisses trademark suit against Google
A court in China has dismissed a trademark lawsuit filed against Google, according to a report on that was translated into English and posted on Pacific Epoch.   read more ...
The Mosquito Vs. Pepsi
The Zhejiang provincial high court ruled May 30 that Pepsi had committed trademark infringement against Zhejiang Blue. Confirming that the Blue Storm name and an almost identical design to that used by Pepsi were registered by Zhejiang Blue as a trademark in 2003, the court ordered Pepsi to scrap its ad campaign and pay Zhejiang Blue 3 million yuan ($392,700). Pepsi was also ordered to make a public apology in local newspapers for the trademark infringement   read more ...
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