Singapore Trademark - Registration and Search

Intellectual property rights (IPR) in Singapore is administered by Intellectual Property Office of SIngapore (IPOS).
What is the trade mark application process in Singapore?
What do you need to prepare for filing trade mark in Singapore?
What do you need to know about trade mark in Singapore?

Trade mark application process in Singapore:

Step 1. Application Filed
Application must be lodged together with all required formalities.
Step 2. Search & Examination by IPOS
Examiners review the application for any conflicting marks, geographical names and registrability. In the case of objections, a written submission is allowed to overcome objections within granted time.
Step 3. Publication
Accepted mark will be published in the Singapore Trademarks Journal for 3rd party opposition (2 months opposition period).
Step 4. Registration Granted
The trade mark will be registered and a registration certificate will be issued. (3- 6 months after the opposition period or opposition not successful).
Step 5. Renewal
The registration of a trade mark in Singapore is valid for 10 years from the date of application and is renewable every 10 years.

Trademark filing requirements in Singapore:

Full Name(s) and Address(es).
For company, indicate State and Country of incorporation. For sole proprietorship or partnership, provide full name(s) of proprietor or partners.
List of goods or services.
Mark Specimen.
For marks comprising of a three-dimensional shape of the goods or packaging, the representation may be represented by line drawings. Marks comprising shapes or aspects of packaging containing colours, the marks must be filed in the actual colours. Mark with non-English words/characters, a certified translation and transliteration (i.e. pronunciation) must be included in the application.

Things to know:

Before Applying for Trade Mark in Singapore
It is advisable to make a trademark search before submitting applications to avoid possible trademark infringement and unrefundable application fees.
Goods and Services Classification
All goods or services must be listed with reference to the class or classes of goods and services under the Nice Classification.
Trade Mark Agents in Singapore
Filing trade Mark application can be made by either the owner or thru a trade mark agent. An address for service in Singapore must be provided in all trade mark applications.
Registrable Trade Marks in Singapore
A trade mark can be logo, sign, names, symbols, letters, words, signatures, numerals, devices, brands, labels, shapes, colours. It must be distinctive within similar classification.
Identifying Registered Trade Mark in Singapore
® indicates that the mark is a registered trade mark. ™ ("TM") indicates that mark is not registered and being used as a trade mark.
Not Registering a Trade Mark
For a mark that is not registered, the owner can rely on the common law action of "passing off" to protect his mark against imitation or infringement.
Priority Claim
In Singapore, if an applicant has a corresponding application filed earlier in Paris Convention country or a World Trade Organization member country, he / she may claim priority from this first-filed application. An application which is first filed in Singapore can be used to claim priority in a corresponding application filed in a Paris Convention country or a World Trade Organization member country.
Estimated Processing Time
It takes 4 - 6 months to receive application status from trademark registrar in Singapore.
Provision of Non-Use
A registered trade mark is vulnerable to cancellation if it has not been used for 5 years following the registration date.
Trade Marks protection outside of Singapore
To apply for international trademark protection in Singapore, applicant needs to file application in the countries concerned either individually or via the Madrid Protocol. The Madrid Protocol allows a trade mark owner to seek protection for his trade mark in several countries simultaneously by filing one application with a single office. Under the Madrid Protocol, a trade mark must first be registered or applied for in the country of origin before filing for an international application.
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